Become a Distributor

We are seeking to expand our operations, and are actively seeking distributors from other Australian States and overseas.

We intend to work closely with all our distributors to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Benefits of becoming a Sharorah distributor are:

– Currently Sharorah offers 20-50% product credit* to establish your new or existing business

– Sharorah will ensure all your needs and will fulfilled

– Sharorah will help to create your own Clothing Brand

– Enjoy large profit margins by purchasing Sharorah products at wholesale prices;

– On-sell to customers with the BEST prices in Australia for Appeals clothing

– In Sharorah, distributors will have the support of a popular and fast growing brand name.

You will have access to advertising and marketing support through our graphic designers and marketing team;

You have the option of placing orders direct from either of our Sydney warehouses; or our overseas factory

You do not have to hold large qualities of stock, and can order as and when required.

If you would like to distribute Sharorah products, please client the button Bellow and leave your details  and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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